Welcome to our villa, we hope that you have had a good journey to Florida, and that your stay with us is everything that you have hoped. If there are any problems, PLEASE contact David, who is our caretaker in the first instance – his contact number is 863-420-6961.

The villa phone number is 407-397-9798. Calls to local numbers are free. If you wish to make calls to numbers that are not local, we would recommend purchasing a calling card from one of the supermarkets. If you are dialling internationally, the number will be 011 before the international country code, and then drop the leading zero from the area code, e.g. for the UK, the number would be 011-44

The computer is set up so that no matter what you or anybody else does, it will be lost once the computer is restarted – this way the content of the machine can be guaranteed. The use of the computer is of course free. In addition to the provided computer, we also provide a free wireless connection – the SSID is “8078SanteeDr” and the password is “challisfamily”

Use the links at the side to obtain additional information. If you feel that we have missed some information that may be of use to any other guests, please let us know and therefore improve the facilities to all of our guests.


Richard & Vickie Challis